AEMO & Audit

The Franco-German company « AEMO & Audit » provides an environmental consultancy service for project managers wishing to gain a certification in sustainability for their project or building.

Based in Frankfurt/Main in Germany, AEMO & Audit is in a position to support projects in both Germany and France and provide guidance to managers and teams applying for a DGNB or HQETM certification.

Nathalie Fournier-Bessec, the founder of the consultancy is an architect and has 12 years experience including many international projects. She is trilingual and has been based in Frankfurt for the last ten years during which time she has developed an aptitude for managing multicultural projects. 

Nathalie is a certified DGNB Auditor and also by Certivéa and Cerway Certified HQE Auditor. She is able to support French or German projects applying for DGNB or HQETM certification.

HQETM Auditor and Licensed DGNB Auditor, Frankfurt

HQE Auditor for Certivéa and Cerway, - Audit missions –

   France and Abroad

DGNB Auditor – Certification support given to projekt

   teams of office complex – Paris

French German Coordination and implementation of

  HQETM certification as part of an architectural tender for

  a apartment complex, Lyon


Member of the following organisations:


Licensed Architect and Manager, AtMO Sarl, Paris

Restructuring of the Dillon hypermarket, Fort de France
Renovation of the UCPA holiday centre and office block, Paris
Renovation of the RSA SEEC and associates offices, Paris
Renovation of office buildings together with Studios

  Architecture in Paris

Licensed Architect, Employee of Saubot & Jullien,


Eurodisney Entertainment Center, Frank Gehry - Paris
Eurodisney Fantasyland – WDI - Paris
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