Both Germany and France have developed their own sustainability certification systems for construction projects. These systems, whilst based on the same basic principals are the products of two different cultures offering different but complimentary approaches.

             The DGNB Certification

The DGNB System provides an objective description and assessment of the sustainability of buildings and urban districts. Quality is assessed comprehensively over the entire life cycle of the building. Due to its flexibility it can be tailored precisely to various uses of a building and even to meet country-specific requirements

The certification system is organised around six quality sections:

Socio-cultural aspects

The system is based on voluntarily outperforming the concepts that are common or usual today. The certification is awarded according to 50 qualitatively and quantitatively evaluated criteria. Depending on the level attained, the project is awarded either a gold, silver or bronze certificate.


                     and Cerway

                      NF & HQETM  Certification

The “Haute Qualité Environnementale NF HQETM” is the French certification awarded by the independent certification organisation Certivea.

It consists of:

An operational environmental management system    

  (referred to as SME/SMO) in which the project manager

  sets and tracks his objectives.

An evaluation of the environmental quality of the

  building (QEB), taking into account 14 key technical,

  architectural and economic goals (ecological approach

  to building; ecological approach to building

  management; health and comfort).

Performance indicators.

A performance profile is defined for each objective

identified, which is then evaluated to ascertain the

level achieved as follows:

Basic: conforms with current practice and regulations
Efficient: good practice
Highly efficient:  very good practice

There is also an international version of the HQETM

certification and a version “in use” to recognise companies

and projects which place exceptional value and importance

on sustainability. More information may be found at: and

More informations:

In addition, there is the option of simple pre-certification in the planning phase.The DGNB Certification System can be also applied internationally. Further information: and