Our consultancy is authorised to work on the following

certifications systems:


             DGNB System

New office and administration buildings: NOA10
New office buildings: NBV09/12
New commercial buildings: NHA09
New industrial buildings: NIN09/12
Renovation of office building: MBV10
New homes: NWO11
New school buildings: NBI12
New hotel buildings: NHO11/12

                 NF HQETM System

Service industry buildings - international
Service industry buildings - in use
Service industry buildings - new
Service industry buildings - renovation
Residential  & Environment

The support we offer to project managers as part of a certification may include the following

Preparation Phase

Support for the implementation of an SMO/SMEX

  management system

Identification of the stakeholders along with their roles

  and responsibilities

Support in the identification of the environmental profile
Identification of targets and expectations
Integration of the certification criteria in the

  architectural tender

Liaison with the certification organisations

Planning Phase

Creation of a certification logbook
Regular project reviews
Verification of objectives
Analysis and evaluation of the project at key stages
Preparation of and request for Pre-DGNB certification
Preparation for HQETM audits
Certification-related aspects of a tender
Support in the publication and review of tenders

Execution Phase

Participation in site meetings to cover environmental


Preparation for third party audits (NF HQE™)
Tracking of key criteria
Certification-related aspects of the building handover
Preparation of and request for DGNB certification

Usage Phase

Support during certification as an operator
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